Families Strengthened by Data

Details for this project can be found here: My Quantified Self Site

A more ‘user-centered’ Quantified Self
The goal of this project was to first understand the Quantified-Self movement and then to see how we might be able to push it towards becoming more ‘user-centered’. Our team focussed on the fact that the data we create each day is generated in a context of other people, places, time, etc… We were interested to see what an individual can learn when they overlap multiple data types (health, fitness, finance, social) and multiple peoples’ data (wife, kids, friends).

As a class of 10 students, led by Professor Kim Erwin, we started this exploration with a six week deep dive into secondary research on the topic. One student even flew out to San Francisco to the Quantified Self Conference to get a pulse of the scene.

Concept Maps
From this research we came together as a class to create a concept map, showing our collective understanding of the landscape of this topic. My groups’ assignment was to connect personal data to the larger picture of big data and back down to the focussed topic of Quantified Self (the green section).

My personal concept map looked a little different:

Personal Tracking
While doing the secondary research, each person in the class also passively and actively tracked something in their life to get a better feel for what this movement was all about and to generate some real data for our class to use in the second half of the project. Some used the Fitbit and Nike FuelBand to track fitness, others used apps to track emotion and diet. There was a large variety of tracking devices and topics.

I tracked my personal computer usage using RescueTime (passive).
Read more about this here: my quantified self blog

I also tracked my face to face interactions (using Daytum) (active and laborious), manually documenting each person I had a face to face interaction with, why the interaction took place, and what type of interaction it was:
Read more about this here: my quantified self blog