Mapping the Reinsurance Process

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In this project we sought to understand and improve the user experience for claims adjusters, processors, and managers. We utilized process maps to help describe the current user experience and flow of information, as well as to show opportunities for improvement within the system. I worked as part of a four person team at Insitum, an international innovation consulting firm. We also had one person from the client dedicated to the team.

User Research – The project started with understanding the current user experience through user and stakeholder interviews and observations.
Process Mapping – We then analyzed the data to define the flows of information between people and systems.
Opportunity Identification – From the process map we were able to identify several immediately implementable opportunities for improvement throughout the system.
Workshop Facilitation – We planned and executed a three day co-creation workshop, bringing together three different teams across the company to collaboratively ideate and roadmap solutions to the problem.
Communication – We developed a concept book and presentation to provide the client as an internal ‘sales’ tool to utilize as they seek funding for the resulting projects.

Utilizing a user centered approach for this type of problem was a bit of an experiment for the client. They were very pleased with the results and are looking to have us coach them through parts of the next phase.