Communicating Childhood Play in India

This project was just completed… More details coming soon, but here is a sneak peak.

What is it like to be a kid in rapidly developing India?

BACHPAN a new board game for designers with ‘western tendencies’ helps the players better understand what it is like to be a child in upper middle class, rapidly developing, India. The game especially, focusses on elements of play among the housing societies where kids do a lot of their growing up.


Before we play the game here is a little bit of back story…
India is a rapidly developing country. With this comes much opportunity for economic increase causing many families to flock to the big cities for jobs. These changes are greatly affecting parenting and childhood. Much of what has been cultural norms for many years are changing in an instant. There is no model to follow for this new urban, affluent lifestyle. These parents are raising kids in an environment completely different from the one they were raised in.

More pictures and directions for play coming soon. Also, learnings on doing a remote transcultural project coming soon too.