Kids Discovering Through Building


The challenges contained in this box are fun and will stimulate your brain. They are known to induce movement, laughter, and creativity.

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Build-it-Box is a subscription to a monthly toy design challenge that is sent to you in a box. The box contains 3 secret ingredients (different ingredients each month) along with a design challenge. Your mission, should you choose to except is to complete the design challenge in the coolest way possible using only the secret ingredients that come in the box. Then document what you made (photos / video), and upload it to our site where you can share it with other “Builders”.

Build-it-Box helps foster creativity for all age groups. The design challenges are flexible enough to cover all ranges from beginners to McGyvers. If you need a little assistance there is a help section on our website that provides; tips, tools, and examples. The challenges make for great team projects for parents, kids, classrooms, teams, etc.